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The Solution for Fragile, Brittle, Chemically Processed, and Bleached Hair!

Our extraordinary formulas, enriched with natural ingredients like ginger, plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, work wonders.

Imagine hair stronger than ever, where natural collagen is restored, split ends disappear, and vitality returns. That's what we achieve!

But that's not all! Our products are as hair-friendly as they are planet-friendly. With no parabens or sulfates, they provide the repair you need without worries.

So, are you ready to leave behind bad hair days and embrace a fresh and renewed look?


  • Deeply cleanses the hair
  • Nourishes and restores fiber damage
  • Preserves color
  • Hydrates and conditions intensively
  • Aids in regaining hair strand elasticity
  • Protects and prevents breakage
  • Facilitates hair detangling
  • Thickens hair fiber

Main Ingredients: 

Aloe Juice, Chamomile Extract, Almond Oil, Green Tea Extract, Cinnamon Oil, Ginger Juice, Ginger Extract, Wheat Protein, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Extract, Almond Extract, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Acai Oil, Rice Protein, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Corn Starch.

Follow this guide with instructions for using each product, and we'll have your hair revitalized, ready to accompany you in living life to the fullest.

Intensive Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair | BE BOLD - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Deep Repair Shampoo

This hydrating shampoo, packed with nutrients and antioxidants, is designed to pamper your damaged hair. Not only does it clean thoroughly, but it also helps maintain the vibrancy of your color. Your mane deserves this luxurious treatment!

STEP 1.1

Apply to wet hair.

STEP 1.2

Massage gently.


Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.


Follow with BE BOLD Hair Mask.

Hair Strengthening and Repairing Protein with Vitamin E | BE BOLD | 9 OZ / 266 ML - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Intensive Fortifying Protein Gel

This bold gel is like a hair energizer that awakens the life in your strands. It stimulates natural collagen, revitalizes the strands, and gives a boost to your follicles. Give your hair that second chance it deserves!

STEP 2.1

Gently towel-dry your hair.

STEP 2.2

Divide it into four sections.

STEP 2.3

Apply along the length, avoiding the roots and scalp.

STEP 2.4

Cover with a cap and apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

STEP 2.5

Allow it to cool for 5 minutes.

STEP 2.6

Rinse the product out with plenty of lukewarm water.

PASO 2.7

Proceed with the application of Ginger Milk's BE BOLD Hair Mask.


Use 1 time per week or once every 15 days, depending on your scalp.

IMPORTANT: This product is NOT designed for detangling hair.

Hair Repair Mask for Damaged and Mistreated Hair | BE BOLD | 17 OZ / 500 ML - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Intensive Repair Mask

Unleash intensity with our reparative mask filled with botanical extracts and essential oils. It's like a magical elixir that deeply repairs and restores your hair's natural elasticity.


Apply after using BE BOLD Shampoo.

STEP 3.2

Distribute through wet hair.

STEP 3.3

Apply from mid-length to ends.

STEP 3.4

Massage and leave on for 2-5 minutes.

STEP 3.5

Rinse thoroughly.

RECOMMENDATION: For a more intense effect, cover with a cap and apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

Intensive Leave-In Repair Treatment for Damaged Hair | BE BOLD - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Repairing Leave-In

Say goodbye to tangles and get ready for instantly soft and manageable hair with Be Bold Leave-In, infused with ginger and a blend of oils, extracts, and proteins, making detangling a breeze. Enjoy hassle-free, healthy, and protected hair!

STEP 4.1

Apply to clean, damp hair before styling.

STEP 4.2

Do not rinse or wash out.

*Can be used daily.