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About us

Our Story, Our Roots…

The beauty of our being comes from the roots!

Immerse yourself in the essence of your own roots, in the origin of what makes you unique. Our products are the manifestation of the undeniable connection between the earth and your being. Each carefully selected ingredient, cultivated with love and respect, has the ability to enhance your inner and outer beauty.

Imagine a life without limitations, where you can fully express yourself and embrace your true self. On the path to authenticity, we want to be your ally, your confidant, and your companion. We strive to provide you with products that allow you to manifest your true self: with confidence and empowerment, through hair that has identity, strength, and freedom.

Join our community of free spirits, those who value purity and efficacy. Together, we create a movement towards a world where we can all flourish and thrive in harmony with nature.

Our essence lies within you, in your ability to be unique and in your power to make a difference. So dare to discover your origins, unleash your potential, and be part of something greater. Authenticity awaits, will you join us on this exciting journey?

Yrenes Martínez

Hello! They call me "Yre". I'm a passionate Dominican who deeply loves what I do and, above all, my homeland. From a young age, I cultivated a strong interest in beauty and knowledge, always with the vision of creating a profitable and productive business in my country.

Inspired by the warrior spirit of my mother and staying true to my roots, I dedicated myself to studying and working tirelessly, never limiting my thirst for growth. However, there came a time when my body and mind said, "STOP!" The weight of a postgraduate degree, running my own business, and working full-time triggered a severe emotional crisis. It was absolutely necessary to take a break and give myself some time.

As a result of that phase, my hair started falling out abundantly. I had to face a new need: to change my habits and lifestyle. But this challenge propelled me to turn the situation around. From my kitchen, amidst pots and wooden spoons, blending the marvelous properties of ginger and implementing the wisdom of our grandmothers, I created my first formula.

I tested that formula on my own hair, and as I witnessed its daily effects, I felt happy and excited, so much so that I dared to share it. My magical formula began healing hair, and as word spread, the demand grew. My entrepreneurial spirit saw the opportunity to give a new meaning to the beauty rituals that fascinated me, recognizing the potential to generate well-being beyond my immediate circle. That's when I sought the help of a chemical engineer to turn my experiment into a professional recipe.

In 2018, Ginger Milk Natural Care was born, our handmade laboratory that grows day by day and works to develop intelligent, conscious, and safe products.

Together with my family and the people of my region, my purpose is to continue cultivating our roots and generating abundance, not only in terms of hair but also in my beloved Santo Domingo.