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Vacation in sight! Pack your suitcase and don't miss anything

Vacation in sight! Pack your suitcase and don't miss anything
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Whatever the plan for your vacation days, a short or long trip, planning is important at the time of packing your suitcase, take what you need to use the most for those days away from home.

Take into account the care of your hair, it is very important not to have later regrets for lack of care. Plan your trip with the right products so that your hair has what it needs during your vacation and does not suffer damage, especially if it will be exposed to the sun, sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools, humidity, etc.

When you travel, it is advisable to include small products, so you won't have any problems when carrying them in your hand luggage. These should be no more than 100 ml, like our Size Travel Kits product line, which are perfect for carrying everywhere because of their practical size.

travel size custom

On the other hand, if you have your products in large sizes, you can pour their contents into small travel containers, making your own choices in these empty plastic bottles that are sold in many stores and in them, you can pour your Ginger Milk products. You can also reuse the same Travel Size Kit containers if you have previously purchased them. 

Another recommendation when using these containers, before closing them, place some plastic wrap or a piece of plastic bag and then place the lid on top to avoid spills.

You should plan beforehand which products you are going to take according to your destination so that they are the most appropriate ones, taking into account the climate and the activities you will carry out, as the case may be.

For places with humid weather, take products that control frizz, such as our Be Bright oil and our Leave-In Be Honest or Leave-In Be Bold.

For hot and sunny weather, your hair will need extra hydration and nourishment to prevent your hair from becoming coarse and unruly, and our Be Generous Mask is a plus for your hair. Also, you can't miss your thermal and sun protection such as Be Wise, to avoid damaging the cuticle and prevent breakage due to UV rays.

If you consider that your hair may get very dirty during your travel activities, take a deep cleansing shampoo such as our Be Honest Shampoo, Be Bold Shampoo or Be Free Shampoo if you suffer from hair flaking (dandruff).

And what about hair accessories? You can use ponytails, clips, caps, hats, scarves, etc; you can experiment with new hairstyles during your vacations and you will always look wonderful, without leaving aside the protection of your scalp and hair that need the excess of UV rays not to affect the roots of your hair. Take advantage of the accessories!



Traveling is fantastic and taking these precautions into account, you will have an even better time and return without regrets.

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