• The most ON hair trends for 2023

    When Christmas comes, we know that the year is about to end and that a new year is coming, "New Life" as they say; likewise the new hair trends. We also know that it is the time for parties, gatherings, celebrations and sharing with family, friends and colleagues, and we always want to look good ... View Post
  • Do you subject your hair to chemical processes? After reading this, you'll think twice!

    Have you ever had your hair colored, permed, straightened, blow-dried or flat-ironed? 

    If your answer is yes, then this article is for you or share it with someone you know who is constantly changing their hair, after reading this, maybe you will think twice before subjecting your hair to chemical procedures so often.

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  • Get to know your hair better... start from the inside.

    Light or dark hair, curly or straight, short or very short, Ginger Milk wants you to know more about the structure of your hair and better understand what goes on under your scalp. If you are interested, continue reading our blog, save and share... and don't forget to give it a like. View Post