• Wet Hair Do you wear your hair wet a lot?

    In summer we usually wet our hair more often to cool off from the high temperatures, however, there are habits we do with wet hair that can have consequences and in the worst case, cause it to fall out. 

    Stay and find out for yourself! Take pencil and paper, this may interest you and may be useful for more than one of us.

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  • This summer, be kind to your hair

    Summer days are here and you can not be cruel to your hair, you must take care of it as much as your skin, for that we leave you some tips so you can enjoy the days of sun, beach, pool or mountain to the fullest without regrets. View Post
  • What you eat is reflected in YOUR HAIR

    Let's talk about nutrition and hair It is true that it is important to carry in a hair routine, adequate treatments to keep it healthy and strong, but it is also true that nutrition is essential for its entire cycle, nourishing from the inside out. Ginger Milk Natural Care, aware of the process, ... View Post