Our roots… lie in the earth that defines us.
They are also in the need to be happy, to heal, to create and share well-being.

We know first hand that uncontrollable hair loss can be an emotional burden. We lived through it and created Ginger Milk from the desire to generate abundance - of hair and good vibes.

Life taught us to honor our essence, to love who we are and where we come from.

We are from the Dominican Republic, a tropical country that exudes freshness and warmth. We’re genuine and have strong ties. We listen, we talk, we share, we celebrate, we accept mistakes, we improve and grow together.

We believe that little things count, and that caring is the foundation of love and well-being.

〰 We believe in the healing power of the earth.

〰 We believe in our inner strength and our ability to evolve.

〰 We believe that we are all unique and exceptional… we just have to discover and believe it!

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  • NY, USA