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This summer, be kind to your hair

This summer, be kind to your hair
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Although for many people, summer is the dream time to enjoy the sun, the sea, the pool or the mountains, for our hair it can be torture, but if we don't prepare and take care of it, there will be days of regrets for sure. 

But, calm down... that's why Ginger Milk Natural Care is doing its bit to help by offering -this information/these tips- to enjoy your summer vacations with a clear conscience. 

It's more than just style to wear hats, caps or scarves: the idea is to always keep your head covered if you're going to spend many hours in the sun, so you'll be protecting your scalp from burns, its roots and its entire structure from injuries that can cause it to break or fall out. 


Sunscreen for your hair: the sun damages the hair shaft and opens the cuticle of the hair, which would be its outer layer, which can lead to hair lost in the coming months. If your plans include days at the beach, swimming pool or a lot of time outdoors, it is always advisable to use a sun and thermal protector for your hair like our Be Wise, which is a complete thermo-active, with UV protection ideal for these days.  

Go through water: it is advisable that before and after immersing yourself in swimming pools or in the sea, you should wet your hair in the shower. Before, because your hair is porous, i.e. it acts like a sponge, being wet it will absorb less chlorine from the pool or sea salt, so its penetration into the hair fiber is less, which favors to avoid damage. Showering after each dip is mandatory, to remove any residue that may remain in your hair from saltpetre or chlorine. 

After-sun products: you should always include a hair routine with extra hydration and nutrition to repair any damage during summer days. Use a soft and moisturizing shampoo like our Be Honest and a mask composed of a mix of nutrients and vitamins is the right thing to do, like our Be Generous. If you apply the mask before shampooing and leave it on for a few minutes, even better!

Avoid blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons as much as possible: in summer your hair is more exposed to the sun and heat than usual, it would be an extra damage to also apply any device with high temperatures that would completely damage the cuticle. The ideal is to let it dry naturally or use the dryer at a cool temperature.

Maintain good nutrition and hydration: as I explained in the previous article, drinking water is essential to keep the root hydrated and with a balanced diet composed of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and beta-carotene, are the complement to keep hair healthy and strong from the inside out.

Avoid using aggressive bleaches and dyes: in case it is necessary to paint it, use ammonia-free products. Blonde and bleached hair suffer the most at this time of year, as they are more delicate and sensitive to become porous, weak and break easily, you should be doubly rigorous with the care for your type of hair. 

Tie it less, loosen it more: avoid tying your hair or using very tight hairstyles while your mane is wet, remember that by tying it you are exerting a tension making it prone to breakage and produce more hair loss.

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