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Wet Hair Do you wear your hair wet a lot? THIS IS FOR YOU!

Wet Hair Do you wear your hair wet a lot? THIS IS FOR YOU!
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In summer we usually wet our hair more often to cool off from the high temperatures, however, there are habits we do with wet hair that can have consequences and in the worst case, cause it to fall out. 

Stay and find out for yourself! Take pencil and paper, this may interest you and may be useful for more than one of us. 

Constantly wet hair: repetitive humidity for the hair is one of the causes of hair loss:

  1. Deteriorates the cell membrane of each hair, which makes it lose strength and shine.
  2. Loss of keratin, which is the protein that functions as a protective layer of the hair.
  3. The hair follicle weakens, which works as an anchor for the hair to remain attached to the scalp, which could cause, in the worst case, hair loss. 

Sleeping with wet hair: I'm telling you this is a huge mistake, especially if you do it often. Our scalp has minimal resistance to humidity over extended periods of time, unlike other parts of the body. By spending more hours with a wet scalp, it is a fertile area for fungus, including Malassezia, which normally feeds on the fatty oils (sebum) found in the follicles and thus, to make the cellular renewal of the scalp. However, it can alter its process with water, multiplying more rapidly, irritating the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which triggers a characteristic scaly rash known as dandruff.  

Dandruff appears: if you sleep with wet hair, welcome dandruff! Its worst enemy is humidity. 

More itching: being exposed to many hours of humidity causes inflammation of the scalp, itching and the worst part, if we scratch too often we will produce wounds that can become infected. 

Exposed to bacteria: when the hair is wet, the cuticle opens and at the same time doubles in size, which makes it more sensitive to absorb bacteria, making the hair weaker and more brittle.

Knots and tangles in the morning: if you went to sleep with wet hair.... 

Uff! how complicated your mornings will be when it comes to detangling your hair. Your best option is to dry your hair well before going to bed, because wet hair tends to tangle more easily, which then when combing it will make it go through breakage and you will lose hair. As I explained in the previous article, to avoid further mistreatment you should remove excess water in your hair by pressing lightly with a towel and without rubbing. In case you use the dryer, use it at medium temperature, never at maximum, also remember to use a styling cream like our Leave-In to facilitate the process and a thermal and sunscreen like our Be Wise, which will protect it from the dryer and the sun.

Headaches and colds: what your grandmother or your mother used to say about not going to bed with a wet head, well, yes, they were right! It is proven that it affects our health, causes headaches, colds and muscle discomfort, you will wake up with a cold in the morning. Then don't say that besides your mom and grandma, we didn't warn you too. 

Wet hair + pillow: the worst combination! Pillows are usually home to mites and fungi, a very common territory and if you add moisture, they will multiply easily. 

Use silk pillows: these pillows are great for better friction with your hair while you sleep, which prevents tangles and frizz in your hair, like our Ginger Milk silk pillow. 

Did you know? During the night while you sleep, we secrete growth hormones, which are the best hours for your hair to recover, repair and grow, so it's best to rest with a dry hair.

In conclusion, don't sleep with wet hair!

It is clear that we must have correct hair care habits in order to obtain visible and positive results, a healthier, stronger and shinier hair. 

See you next article!


  • Jury Rosario

    loved this article, a common mistake I often made.

  • Alexandra Nolasco

    Me gusta mucho tu producto

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