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The hair looks that will be trending in 2023

The hair looks that will be trending in 2023
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New Year 2023! .

Thinking of a change of look? We know that it is a new year and we feel energized, encouraged by changes, to experience new things and surely, you are thinking of wanting to renew your look, a new color or a different haircut, to start the year off on the right foot. Then you are in the right place to know everything.

The idea is to present you with different options, in which you can choose one that is favorable to highlight your features and feel fresh, renewed and rejuvenated with a new look.

In our previous blog, we told you all about what will be trending in hairstyles and accessories that will be very present for this 2023. Now, if you haven't seen it yet, it's time to check it out!

Let's start so you can rock a new look, we present these trends of the moment that suit everyone, just ask your trusted stylist for advice.


The Clavicut, here to stay! It is the preferred cut of 2023, perfect for those who want to cut their hair, but not to the extreme. It is a straight cut at the level of the clavicle and with a messy appearance, “Emily In Paris” style. A look that gives a fresh and natural look, its fall towards the face makes everyone look good and for any face shape.


Shaggy cut, it is a cut in many layers between short and long, very similar to the Wolfcut cut. It is a cut that highlights your look and your profile, a cut that was widely used in the 90s.


Pixie, for those daredevils who want to go for a super cut or continue with their short hair, is a modern cut to wear with style. You can leave a slightly longer fringe to play with it, whether to wear it to the side, front or back. It is very good for young and mature women.


Mullet is a layered ladder cut, where the fringe part is super short revealing the eyebrows and the back part is longer, giving a disheveled style.


Layered cut or “Butterfly” is recommended for abundant hair, since it is a cut that lightens the weight of the hair, giving it shape and movement.



Melenas XL is a "NO to the cut" and let it grow as it pleases. However, you should still go to the stylist for the maintenance of your ends to prevent them from opening, regularly you should make a minimum cut. It is a favorable look for oval or square faces, whether straight or curly hair.


Bob hair is a cut to mark the face, it goes to the height of the chin and is very favorable for women with little straight hair, with an oval or triangle face.


For curly hair

Midi cut is a cut that is given both for curly and straight hair, it is a cut that is neither too long nor too short, it is a midpoint that can go between the shoulders and the chest or between the jaw and the clavicle, and it may be feasible to handle it and maintaining its volume.


“Curly Pixie” cut as we have already seen in straight hair, it also works for curly hair, it is a cut where the part of the neck and the sides are shorter and the upper part is longer, thus giving a certain volume and ease to your curls.


Asymmetric cut: the asymmetry of the cut will offer more volume and movement to your curls, one of its sides should be shaved and the other will be longer, letting them fall with a casual look; very suitable for young people or those looking for a radical change.


Curly Bob or Long Bob cut is a medium cut above the shoulders with bangs, leaving a natural unstructured hairstyle, with slightly degraded long layers, very favorable for a heart-shaped or square face, it will give them the appearance of being more elongated.



Jet black is a dark tone with very subtle, almost imperceptible reflections in blue, which allows it to give dimension and depth to the hair. It is a tone that does not require as much maintenance if your base itself is dark, because its roots will be less noticeable, it covers gray hair well and it will give shine. It is a color that can go well for white or brown skin.


Smoky Brunette or smoky brown came to change the classic brown, it is a combination of brown with ash pigments, if you are one of those who do not want to subject your hair to major changes, this is a subtle touch that does not generate major mistreatment. It is a color that goes very well with dark or tanned complexions.


Chocolate is a brown that favors brown and tanned skin, with brown, hazel or green eyes. It is an excellent option for those who do not want to darken their hair too much.

Plum or black Cherry is a shade between red and purple, giving a bright tone, it works for all skin types and hair, straight or curly, but it favors more for brown skin.


Vanilla blonde is a shade with a gold base, which favors warm skin, giving a natural glow and warmth to the face, thanks to its shades between copper and gold. You can also bet on balayage highlights with this tone, it would have a natural effect if your base is clear.


Beige Blonde favors white skin and is a tone that more closely resembles the natural blonde, especially if you have a light base, you don't need as much time in the bleaching process, which would be favorable for your hair.


Platinum blonde is an extra light blonde that has ash highlights, it is an excellent hair color for cool skin tones with green or brown eyes.


Golden Blonde is a perfect shade for those who want to maintain a blonde but with warmth, since it is a medium blonde that would look great on fair or pink skin with light or brown eyes.


Intense red is a color that does not go unnoticed, it looks good on neutral skin tone or on brunettes.


Coppery red this color suits very white skin, green or light eyes, it suits them perfectly.


Blorange is a technique that combines blonde and orange tones, thus achieving pastel tones similar to peaches, in this case, it is a coppery blonde that gives pink tones, a very sweet and romantic look, which adapts to fair skin giving it luminosity.


Pink and Lilac are fantasy colors.

In the case of pink, it transmits innocence, sweetness and creativity, people with a sweet and sentimental personality; those whose base is already blonde or light brown, this tone is easy to achieve and fits with all skin types. In the case of lilac, it conveys extravagance and uniqueness, someone who likes to stand out from the rest; It is a tone that you can achieve if your hair base is darker, it brings light to your face and rejuvenates your appearance.


Gray or silver, it is an alternative for those who already have white hair because they can show it off with pride because they are in trend and they do not have to go back to dyeing. Those who want this color should keep in mind that their hair will have to go through a bleaching process if its base is dark, it is a style with a lot of attitude and a color that goes with all skin tones.

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