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Shine this 14F! Trendy hairstyles and make-up

Shine this 14F! Trendy hairstyles and make-up
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We are in the most romantic month of the year, the month of Love and Friendship.... While we know that you may have a plan to celebrate that day, either with your guy or with your friends, the idea is that you look fantastic.

That's why we've prepared some easy and practical hairstyle proposals that you can do, but with a romantic touch.

Now, are you ready to shine?

Let LOVE begin with YOU !


1.- You can highlight your hair with an elegant brooch on one side, it looks so delicate on straight, wavy or curly hair. Combine this hairstyle with a strong eye makeup and nude lips.

elegant brooch


2.- You can leave your face uncluttered with a medium or full high ponytail, leaving the rest straight or with waves for more volume. For a riskier look, use smoky eyes or earth tones shadows and nude lips.

full high ponytail


3.- For a more sophisticated style, you can do a medium high ponytail with a clean finish in front where all your hair stays neatly in place, you can use hairspray for better durability of the hairstyle. You can use a soft makeup but with a touch of subtle shine in gold or pearl eye shadows to give light to your look and nude lips with gloss.

sophisticated style


4.- Wow, this is a super easy hairstyle that speaks of glamour all by itself! It is just divide the hair in half and the front part, leave it well combed passing behind the ears and the rest of the hair loose. It can be a hairstyle for straight or wavy hair. With this hairstyle, a makeup in pink tones and highlighter to highlight various points of the face or a black eyeliner well market to highlight the color of your eyes to steal glances.  

super easy hairstyle


5.- Waves, a classic that will never let you down if you wear it loose, you'll look gorgeous! With this look, do you want to highlight your eyes or your lips? You can recreate a makeup that highlights the eyes and nude lips or leave the eyes nude but with a vibrant red mouth, either way, you won't go unnoticed, it's your choice!

classic that will never let you down


6.- Braids are synonymous with Romanticism. It's a cliché, but they look perfect with loose hair and a braid from side to side to gather in the back or you can hide it in the middle of the loose hair. If it's easier for you, you can twist two strands together for a different effect. For this more relaxed look, you can use earth tone makeup with matte lips. 

synonymous with Romanticism


7.- Bubble hair can give you that different but modern touch. Just decide whether to wear it loose or up, with enough tails to form "bubbles" in the hair and leaving even space between each of them. For this look, a pink makeup in shimmering pink tones and soft eyeliner, a subtle but with a touch of brightness, very romantic, it would be perfect. 

Bubble hair


8.- For beautiful curly hair, an updo leaving all your curls on top and with a few strands at the front, will make you look divine with a fresh and sophisticated air. You can also opt for an updo pulled back in front. Combined with a makeup in brown tones, with bronzer and illuminator, to give a natural but very fresh look, you can opt for nude lips or a red for more highlight.  

beautiful curly hair



9.- For curly hair, it is also so romantic a hairstyle with a touch of braiding, you can do them on top or on one side, so you wear the rest of your hair loose to highlight your loose curls. As for makeup, you can use terracotta tones with soft matte lips or with some gloss.

curly hair

Whatever the plan is, look fantastic for you and by you, for any occasion or day remember that: Love begins in you.

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