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Do you subject your hair to chemical processes? After reading this, you'll think twice!

Do you subject your hair to chemical processes? After reading this, you'll think twice!
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Dyeing, perming, straightening, straightening, blow-drying and flat ironing... Surely at some point you have resorted to some of these techniques to change the shape or color of your natural hair. 

Although in recent times, both the methods and the products used in these procedures have changed for the better and are less aggressive than ever before, most are composed of chemical ingredients that are precisely those that make it possible to achieve the transformation we want, but sometimes we are unaware of the consequences of their excessive use.

Let's start with the Bubble Hair Phenomenon. Have you heard of it? 

The hair fiber contains air spaces called vacuoles, which are filled with water when the hair is wet, when you use hair dryers or irons at high temperatures with wet or damp hair, the water inside boils, evaporates and in this process, expands the cortex and forces the stem expanding it as a bubble. This is the Bubble Hair effect or Bubble Hair. 


This phenomenon is when the hair strand passes abruptly from one temperature to another, causes a chemical reaction forming these bubbles with gaseous substances such as sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide, thus breaking the structure of the hair and changing it for a while. 


Consequences: its structure is affected, causing dehydration, split ends, dryness, brittleness and breakage.



1.- Preferably let the hair dry naturally.

In case it is necessary to use hair styling appliances such as irons, hair dryers and curling irons, do not use them at their maximum temperature. Use of the dryer: medium temperature and with a distance of 30cm in the direction of the hair. 

If you are going to use a heat appliance, protect your hair by applying a thermal and sun protection product such as Be Wise beforehand, thus reducing the impact of heat on the hair strand.

It is advisable to regularly nourish your hair if it is frequently exposed to heat, with a nourishing and repairing mask such as Be Bold, which would be a good ally.

Cut your ends regularly, every 2 to 3 months. 

Hair Dyes

When applying a chemical dye on the hair, we are attacking both the hair and the scalp, we know that the natural fat produced by our scalp is necessary, as it fulfills the function of protecting us from fungi, bacteria and keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. However, we can alter its PH with the excessive use of dyes, coloring and straightening. 

When we proceed to change hair color, in order to make this possible and reach the desired effect, products with a very high PH are used. These alkaline products open the cuticle of the hair strand so that the product can penetrate inside and this is when an alteration to our PH occurs, at least for a while, until it stabilizes again. It is possible to reestablish the PH balance of the hair and scalp with the use of products that allow the cuticle to close again, formulas made for intensive repair and nutrition such as the Be Bold Line, which has what is necessary to make this possible. 


The consequences? A mane with an imbalanced PH would be dry, dull, difficult to comb and easily tangled.

In the worst case, surpassing our health, the dyes by their composition can cause cancer type lymphoma or breast cancer.


1.- If you must resort to coloring, the ideal are organic dyes that in addition to being ecological are sustainable, or in such case, permanent dyes that are ammonia-free as they are less aggressive.

2 .- Do not use dyes if your hair has fallen or is with a weak appearance. 

Do not color your hair frequently, leave an interval of at least 4 months or 6 months without coloring to let it recover.

Another alternative if you need root touch-ups, there are instant paints on the market in spray format or brush applicator that can cover your roots, which could also be saving time and money on salon visits because you can do it at home, or at least until you let your hair recover from the last coloring.


Perms and Straightening

Perms and straightening are not exempt from strong chemical ingredients in their composition, both must open the cuticle to modify its structure, either to be straight or with waves. For either of the two procedures, they are not compatible with colored or highlighted hair, since it can be weakened by this procedure and become even drier and more damaged. Its effect lasts for approximately 4 months and is noticeable with the growth of its root. 

Today there are other healthier procedures that are beginning to replace them, such as botox hydration treatments or keratin treatments that can leave your hair less frizzy, healthy and manageable.

The truth is, whether you want to go from wavy to straight hair or from blonde to brown hair, for example, you must take into account the behavior of your hair after each treatment, give it time to recover and reinforce hair care with products that nourish and revitalize its structure again, so you will avoid greater evils.

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