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Love and Care for Your Curls... The Magic Begins Here!

Do you have curls longing for exceptional care?

Our Haircare Line dedicated to curly hair contains a set of products specially designed to elevate the form of your curls, waves, or kinks to a new level of definition and care. Our shampoo, from the first wash, will revive and refresh your curls. The hydrating mask will keep them healthy thanks to its deep nourishment. The Leave-In pampers and softens them while giving them the freedom they need. The Curl Defining Gel adds long-lasting definition, while the Oil provides the final touch of shine for them to look radiant, with healthy ends and without frizz.


  • Enriches, hydrates, and strengthens the hair strand.
  • Enhances the definition of your curls.
  • Adds softness and freedom to your curly hair.
  • Minimizes frizz.
  • Enhances a natural shine.
  • Healthy and easy-to-manage hair.
  • Increases hair flexibility.
  • Prevents hair breakage


Flaxseed extract, Neem seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, Guarana seed extract, Nettle Leaf extract, Moringa extract, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil.

Step 1


Awaken your curls with Be Yourself Shampoo. Flaxseed and ginger extract define your curls, eliminating frizz, while coconut and rosemary oil nourish and soften them. With citric acid to balance the pH, your curls will be more defined and healthier than ever.

STEP 1.1

Apply to wet hair.

STEP 1.2

Massage gently.

STEP 1.3

Rinse thoroughly.

STEP 1.4

Follow with BE YOURSELF Mask.

Step 2


Be Yourself Mask is the perfect solution for curls in need of special care. Ingredients like argan oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter moisturize, soften, and add shine, while ginger extract and vitamins E, B5, and B7 provide them with energy and vitality.

STEP 2.1

Apply after BE YOURSELF Shampoo.

STEP 2.2

Distribute through wet hair.

STEP 2.3

Apply from mid-length to ends.

STEP 2.4

Massage and leave on for 2-5 minutes.

STEP 2.5

Rinse thoroughly with abundant water.

Step 3


Our Be Yourself Leave-In is enriched with castor oil, babassu oil, and a blend of magical ingredients that instantly strengthen, moisturize, and bring your curls to life, reducing frizz and leaving them defined and manageable.

STEP 3.1

Apply to clean, damp hair before styling.

STEP 3.2

Do not rinse.

Curly Defining Gel | For Wavy Hair | Greasy Scalp and Dry Ends | BE YOURSELF | 8.5 OZ / 280 ML - Ginger Milk Natural Care

Step 4


Effortlessly define, hydrate, and add shine to your curls for an extended period with our Curl Defining Gel. Enriched with ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseed, ginger, pomegranate, rosemary, sandalwood, mandarin, moringa, and grapefruit peel, your curls will be full of vitality and an unbeatable shine.

STEP 4.1

Apply to clean, damp hair.

STEP 4.2

Dispense 1-2 pumps of the gel into your hands.

STEP 4.3

The amount applied may vary depending on your hair type, length, and volume.

STEP 4.4

Shape the curls with your hands.

STEP 4.5

Allow your hair to air dry.

Step 5


For stunning curls, our Be Yourself Oil is the perfect finishing touch. With argan oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, almond oil, shea butter, and ginger, this product nourishes, protects, strengthens, and adds shine to your curls, leaving them radiant with frizz under control.

STEP 5.1

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand.

STEP 5.2

Apply the oil evenly to your hair from mid-length to ends.