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Say goodbye to dandruff!

Created to combat those uncomfortable itches, redness, and flakiness of the scalp. Ingredients like powerful ginger, Moringa oil, and other natural friends work together for your scalp.

No toxic ingredients here! No parabens, salts, sulfates, or alcohol. Plus, we're 100% vegan and love our furry friends!

What type of hair do you have? It doesn't matter! This line is for everyone!


  • Cleanses the scalp
  • Eliminates itching, irritation, redness, and dandruff
  • Nourishes, hydrates, and conditions
  • Doesn't dry out
  • Controls sebum and scalp pH
  • Stimulates the production of natural collagen
  • Acts as an antifungal and antidandruff
  • Strengthens, prevents hair breakage and loss
  • Activates scalp circulation
  • Silky, healthy, and shiny hair
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Feeling of freshness

Main ingredients:

Ginger extract, apple extract, green tea, peppermint leaf oil, walnut oil, babassu oil, zinc pyrithione, aloe vera juice, tea tree oil, biotin, niacinamide, shea butter, crushed grape seed, Moringa oil, rosehip oil, ginger extract, orange peel oil, eucalyptus oil, mint extract, rosemary extract, salicylic acid.

Follow this guide with the instructions for using each product, and we'll make your hair revitalized and ready to accompany you in living life to the fullest.

Scalp Exfoliator for Deep Cleansing | BE FREE | 8 OZ / 240 ML - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Scalp Scrup

It's a rejuvenating experience for your scalp. Formulated with crushed grape seed, salicylic acid, and eucalyptus extract, this scrub deeply cleanses, effectively removing the buildup of residue, dirt, and oils (sebum). As a result, your scalp is left completely clean and fresh, promoting not only hair health but also stimulating blood circulation for stronger and revitalized hair. An essential step for a mane full of life and vitality.

STEP 1.1

Massage the product all over the scalp.

STEP 1.2

Rinse with plenty of water.

STEP 1.3

Wash your hair with Shampoo Be Free.

Recommendation: Use once a week or once every 15 days, depending on your scalp.

Shampoo Dandruff Control - Hydrates and Nourishes | BE FREE | 8 OZ / 240 ML - Ginger Milk Natural Care


Shampoo Anti Dandruff

Our hair cleansing fusion goes beyond just cleaning. Enriched with apple extract for nourishment, peppermint leaf oil for a refreshing sensation, and zinc pyrithione to combat dandruff and other scalp conditions, this shampoo provides a comprehensive solution. Not only does it effectively eliminate the itchiness, irritation, redness, and flaking associated with dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis, but it also promotes scalp health, leaving your hair feeling fresh and revitalized.

STEP 2.1

Apply to wet hair.

STEP 2.2

Gently massage.

STEP 2.3

Rinse thoroughly and follow with Be Free Mask.

Recommendation: Use 1 time per week or every 15 days, depending on your scalp.


Hydrating Mask

It's a true source of vitality for your hair. With its nutrient-rich and conditioner-enriched formula, including ingredients like aloe vera juice, tea tree oil, and niacinamide, this mask provides deep and lasting hydration to your hair. Not only does it maintain the flexibility of your strands, but it also strengthens them, leaving your hair silky, healthy, and with a refreshing sensation.

STEP 3.1

Apply after Be Free Shampoo.

STEP 3.2

Distribute through wet hair from mid-length to ends.

STEP 3.3

Massage and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes.

STEP 3.3

Rinse with plenty of cold water.

Recommendation: Use 1 time per week or every 15 days, depending on your scalp.