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Ginger Milk partnering with 1% For The Planet. we have donated 1% of our sales on Earth Day

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We are proud to announce that we have donated 1% of our sales on Earth Day to the nonprofit organization "1% For The Planet," which works to protect the environment and wildlife. This donation will help fund important initiatives to preserve our planet and keep it healthy for future generations.

Additionally, in order to plant 500 trees, we donated to One Tree Planet. Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and will help reduce our carbon footprint and improve the air quality we breathe.

We also wanted to promote the planting of pollinator flowers by offering free seeds with every purchase to be planted at home, using our recyclable plastic mask packaging. Pollinator flowers are essential for maintaining our ecosystem's balance, and we are committed to doing our part to protect them.

We will always be committed to sustainability and environmental protection. We hope that our actions inspire others to join the fight to preserve our planet for future generations.

For a planet full of life!

Learn more about these environmental ally organizations: Instagram: @1percentftp Instagram: @onetreeplanted

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